Rapidly Connect Unique Markets and Add New Capabilities

Manage Network that choose SIAP gain a partner that can solve complex networking challenges across the globe with an unparalleled dedication to customer service excellence

Access and offer extended services without the cost of large-scale infrastructure investment

Whether it’s switching to a new network service provider or outsourcing critical connectivity requirements in new markets, businesses need to know what the gaps they are trying to fill.

Key Features


Our nation Interconnect Fabric gives you access to 600+ Building coverage and 100+ network operators, Internet Exchanges


Network service providers can accelerate their network transformation and monetise the cloud, content and next-generation communications in new ways by leveraging on our white-labelable software defined networking capabilities.


We work in partnership with the leading network service providers to support their ability to capture revenue while mitigating the time or resources needed to negotiate multiple interconnects around the world.

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Network services remain the Achilles’ heel for both enterprises and service providers. They need a model that is ready to deliver new levels performance as well as increased time-to-market, visibility and adaptability.