Synergizing the telecommunications network infrastructure in Indonesia.

Enterprises now need an easy way to connect. We provide fiber optic and cloud-centric networking that brings a seemless interactions between people, application and internet.

Service SIAP Networks

Fiber Optic

Make no limitation on the speed with our fiber optic technology, we will provide end to end connection for your customers wherever they are with our wide fiber optic network coverage.


Get the convenience of connection and data security that is well maintained to be able to directly connect to your company network around the world without having to be afraid of being tapped with our securily VPN service.

Internet Dedicated

With Our Dedicated and pure bandwidth is our concern for all of our customers with guarantee 1:1 clear channel bandwidth so theireis no more worries about lagging and buffering on network.

Data Center

Connect to Exchange in Indonesia with Free, get our Data Center service that you can rely with 99.99% availability SLA service


SIAP Networks infrastructure is designed for the future network. We deliver flexible borderless connectivity across cities, so you’ll have the resources you need, when and where you need them, in the most efficient way.


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